Are you looking for free and high quality photos to use on your blog or website? Human beings are quicker on the uptake of visuals than other remaining senses. Before involving in how to look up for these professional looking images, look for the ways without make yourself trapped in trouble for encroaching the licensing rules and always ask for necessary permissions.

Read more about some great websites where you can search for stock photos for free. With the word “free” means its free stock photos that one can download under the creative common cc0 license which means that images on these sites are in the public domain and anyone can make most of these photos with no restrictions, even if it’s used for commercial work. Although, it would be nice gesture to provide attribution but not necessarily required.

Sometimes you are supposed to show creativity in stiff budget and to get free high quality photos is quite possible while creating content through following places:

  1. Pexels.com

Pexels is a great website. Whenever you work on poster, brochure, a composite or any kind of design or while preparing content, you might need images to assist with your creative process. It’s a good simple stock photography website where you will get images on almost everything and can download in full resolution for free. It is a searchable site.

  1. Canva.com

Canva is a great site to help you with amazing visual content creation in free. This site makes sure that your work stands out from the crowd. In addition, Canva also offers vast library of illustrations and free images. This site is really useful for quick graphics and making company logo. Their site have already have pre-designed templates.

  1. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a great site if you are looking for heart stopping, high quality and high resolution pictures either for personal use or work use. This site doesn’t essentially require attribution. However, always keep a check on their license page before including their photos in your project. At single time, you are able to view about 7 photos only.  You can filter photos by categories or by search whatever you feel like.

  1. Picjumbo.com

Picjumbo is next destination if you don’t find images on Pexels and Canva.  This site has some amazing stock images. Although the site’s resources are limited so you can avail their premium feature to unlock with all stock images otherwise use those which are accessible. From this site, download of images is very handy and fast. One problem is they usually don’t offer various sizes of the image. Additionally, people can only view 15 images at single time which bothers them to look for the right image by clicking through multiple pages.

  1. Gratisography

This site offers free and pretty much high resolution pictures. You can make your blog and websites creative as gratisography presents out of the box and unique images. Make sure to read their license agreement and copyright restrictions prior using their pictures in any of your commercial or non-commercial project. This site is helpful if you are in web-designing business and run a blog.

  1. Negative Space

Looking at the positives of the negative space, this website shows photography at way beyond level than the rest.  Negative space exaggerates the photo and viewers can feel the peace in it. The style of putting an image together and show them to viewers is absolutely stunning and out of the box thought.

Use these sites as far as your need is concerned. Check out if you can use something from them.

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